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Sign up your friends for PMEquine- Earn a bonus

March 31st will mark a milestone in the development of the PMEquine program. We will complete the addition of several new features that will make the program the most comprehensive research tool for pedigree research available worldwide.

PME has attracted subscribers from 23 different countries and performance data has been updated for each of these countries for standardbreds and most recently the coldblood trotters in Norway and Sweden. PME comes in two versions, one for Standardbreds and one for Thoroughbred and Quarter horses and the latter focuses primarily on North American performance. The total number of horses now in the databases is now over six million and counting.

While we were still in the development phase we kept the registration fee for the program at $50 Cdn in recognition of the need to add and correct any of its features, and to fully update the databases. With the end of our Phase 2 development the one time registration fee will increase to $100 Cdn, an amount that still represents a considerable saving over other pedigree research products services.

Those of you who have yet to register your trial version, and unlock the ability to obtain ongoing free updates, will have till March 31st to do so at the current registration fee. There is no extra fee to be charged for those currently registered and indeed, as a bonus for your patience during this "under construction" period and the suggestions you have made for improvement, we are offering a $50 credit towards any Pedigree Matching service or report for each new subscriber that you refer as a PME subscriber. Send us a list of any referrals and once they are registered you will receive a credit by e-mail that can be attached to any future request for our reports or services such as Zoom consultations, broodmare or horse purchase recommendations, publications, or to pay for PME as a gift for a friend.

Although this is a milestone event it is not the end of our quest to provide the ultimate pedigree research program and we are open to any suggestions for further improvement.

Thank you for your support to date and may all your pedigree choices be blessed with success.